aaron_zeiglerJ.D. Byrider maintains relationships with numerous national and regional leaders in order to attract capital to our business to benefit our franchisees. Ultimately, you will need a credit line of approximately $5,000,000 when your portfolio of receivables reaches maturity (normally a three-year time frame).

The Franchise Disclosure Document provides detailed information regarding the fees, contractual relationships with Byrider Franchising, Inc. and the corporately-owned units profit experience. Please refer to that information for a more detailed understanding of the franchise offering and business model.
The initial franchise fee is $50,000, and $35,000 is required for each additional franchise purchased. However, there are many other costs associated with acquiring a suitable location, such as getting a new business staffed and open and properly funding a business. As such, the capitalization needed from a new franchisee can easily reach $1 million.

“As a new car dealer, it was great to have J.D. Byrider share their proprietary technology and best practices. The support is fantastic.” ~Aaron Zeigler, multi-unit franchise owner, Michigan/Illinois