Quite simply, what sets J.D. Byrider apart from the competition: Our information systems are the best. Built on more than 25 years’ experience, the sale of more than 1 million cars and origination of more than $7 billion of retail installment contracts, our proprietary Discover™ Software System fully integrates and automates information gathering from all aspects of the business, including outside sources such as banks and credit bureaus. Data is collected into a centralized data warehousing facility where it is verified, sorted and retransmitted to our franchisees as a set of useful management tools and reports.

Discover™ manages every aspect of your business…accounting, sales, customer relations management, underwriting, service department management, collections management, comparative national car buying reports, overhead cost management and more. The Automated Risk Evaluator (A.R.E) tool is built into the underwriting module and helps you make accurate, on-the-spot underwriting decisions to improve the performance of your portfolio of contacts.

J.D. Byrider contract portfolios average 25 percent charge-off rates (top performance in industry¹). That can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year per store in extra collections using Discover™ over other used car and finance options. A.R.E, quite literally, helps identify the most profitable potential sales to pursue.


¹Calculated from industry bad debts data collected and provided by Shilson, Goldberg, Cheung and Associates/Subprime Analytics presented at the 2011 NABD Annual Conference.